Floorplanning for Partially-Reconfigurable FPGA Systems

The aim of this project is to show a novel floorplanner based on MILP, providing a suitable formulation that makes the problem tractable using state-of-the-art solvers. The proposed method takes into account an accurate description of heterogeneous resources and partially reconfigurable constraints of recent FPGAs.
A global optimum can be found for small instances in a small amount of time. For large instances, with a time limited search, a 20% average improvement can be achieved over floorplanners based on simulated annealing.
Our approach allows the designer to customize the objective function to be minimized, so that different weights can be assigned to a linear combination of metrics such as total wire length, aspect ratio and area occupancy.

The paper presented at FCCM 2014 can be found here: DOI Bookmark
A demo of the tool can be a seen/accessed at the following link
The model and all the benchamrk can be downloaded using this link

An updated version of the framework (Floorplanning for Partially-Reconfigurable FPGAs via Feasible Placements Detection) has been presented at FCCM 2015. The paper can be found here: DOI Bookmark.
A themal-aware floorplaner (Thermal-aware floorplanning for partially-reconfigurable FPGA-based systems) was presented at DATE2015. The paper can be accessed via the ACM Digital Library.